Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning html

As I went through several of the html tutorials online I came across learning how to make forms for people to fill out on a sight.  It caught my interest because until now we have learned how to put hard copy information that can not be altered in any way once it is on the web.  I liked finding out a way to put a form where I can get feed back and information from those that would visit the sight, and away for them to be more interactive.  it is also nice because it is easy and quick to set up. Here is how it is done

I started with a simple blank html page, using textedit for writing the code.

1.To start your form simply type in <form>.  This begins what will become the areas in which others can enter information on the sight.

2. now to give your first text box, say a name box, hit enter to get to next line and type 
          Name: <input>
    this will give you your first input box with a Name at the front of it to inform your guest what to input.

3. to keep input boxes on the same line simply repeat step to placing what you would like at the front of the box before <input> tag

4. To give a line break between input boxes simply place a <br> tag (line break) in between the the input  tags that you would like to place on seperate lines.  

The end result is something like this basic Form sheet

I hope that you find this quick tutorial as helpful as I did 
until next time 

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